We've just released Volume II, Issue1(3), Summer 2010 of Journal of Applied Research in Finance!

How to Order

The journal will be available on-line and will be also distributed to many universities, research institutes and libraries in Romania and abroad. To subscribe to this journal and receive the on-line/printed version, please fill this Order Form and then send it directly to

Subscription Period Subscription Price in Euro Subscription Price in LEI
1 YEAR - 2 Issues Institutional: 400    Personal: 200    One Issue: 150 Euro Institutional: 400    Personal: 200    One Issue: 150 Lei
2 YEARS - 4 Issues Institutional: 500    Personal: 300 Institutional: 500    Personal: 300
3 YEARS - 6 Issues Institutional: 600    Personal: 400 Institutional: 600    Personal: 400

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